Lost and Found

Most of us are not strangers to losing or forgetting our items in the different transportation vehicles we use. Recovering of these lost items however, is harder when your means of transport is not Pioneer Easy Bus.

At Pioneer Easy bus, we take the security of our passengers’ possessions very seriously. For cases where our passengers forget their possessions in our buses, they can reach out to us by phone or by physically visiting our offices, so as to report the lost items. It is advisable that our passengers mark the fleet number of the bus they are travelling in so as to ease communication and reporting of incidents. This fleet number is a huge white three digit number found at both the front and back of each of our buses, it is meant to help us quickly identify the bus. This swiftness in communication helps the two parties – our passengers and us, to quickly check for the lost items without giving chance to other bus users to claim the items as theirs.

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