Tugende Card

Tugende is a reusable smart card, which allows easy, hassle free travel on Pioneer Easy bus services.

Tugende Easy Card

Is a pre-payment card

Also known as an electronic purse, you can add credit to your card in units of 2000shs, 5000shs and 1000shs and then use the card instead of cash.

Our great value easy gives you unlimited travel in Tugende easy card for a day, a week, 4 weeks or a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add credit to my Easy card & top it up later?

You can do this at our customer service

Centre – here’s how.

  1. Tell the sales representative at any pioneer easy bus outlet the amount you want to add – you can have a maximum of any amount in 5000 denominations, card and you can pay in units of 1000, 2000, 3000shs.
  2. The representative will help you load the wanted amount to your card.
  3. Your card is credited.

What happens when I get on my next bus with my Easy card?

  1. Tap your card on the entrance validator.
  2. It will then read off the balance on the card and show the fare for the journey.
  3. Passenger starts the journey.
  4. Passenger taps at exit validator.
  5. Validator takes off the required amount for the journey.

It’s that simple. No need for a paper ticket anymore.

Later on you’ll even be able to top-up your Easy card and check the balance all online. We’ll let you know as soon as this becomes available.

So how do I buy them?

Exactly the same, except you will be issued with a card.

Keep this with you when you travel, as you will need to show it to the driver each time you get on the bus, just as you did before.

How do I top-up my Easy card?

You can do this at any time, at our customer service centers.

Can I check the balance on my Easy card at any time?

Yes – you can do it on bus.

How do I get an Easy card?

Complete the application form which you’ll find online at www.pioneereasybus.com

Alternatively, get the leaflet from our customer service centre complete the form.

What if I run out of credit on my Easy card?

You can top up your card at any time. At our service centers.

What will happen if you forgot to tap-out?

The transaction where you did not tap-out is recorded in the card and terminal and you will be charged the maximum fare for the ride on your next tap-in.

The validator always displays “NO TAP OUT” on the screen. When can I tap out?

This message is used for distance-related fare implementations. The “NO TAP OUT” messages appears upon entry/exit of station as well as while the vehicle is en route. This message will disappear upon arrival on the station. (For special situations that the bus is immobile the users can still tap-out of the bus even if it has not yet arrived at the station

The validator always generate “BI” sound, is it normal? Or warning? What is the meaning of each signal?

If the BV continuously beeps for every 10 sec. This signifies that it cannot detect the correct GPS signal. The possible causes of this are that the bus is either out of route (the bus took a detour), the map is not loaded in the BV or there is a problem with the GPS antenna

How long does it take to blacklist a card?

Blacklisting a card can be done immediately. The earlier an issue is reported the better.

Is the blacklist only applicable to lost cards?

Blacklist is applicable to lost and stolen cards.

What are the advantages of the easy card?

AFC have several benefits for both the company and the public. Its advantages to consumers include

  • More convenience from faster transactions and easier rebates during transfers
  • Reduced cash handling
  • Discounted bus fares and benefits from loyalty program

How do I know how much balance is left on my Easy card?

When you place your easy card on the validator, the visual display will tell you how much balance you have. Alternatively, ask the driver or steward to help. “

Can anybody else use my easy card?

Yes, family and friends can share the card too so when you are not using it, they can.

will my easy card expire if I don’t use it for a while?

Your card must register at least one transaction in a 6 month period – failing this we will send you a reminder

Prior to its expiry date, and if we do not hear from you, it will be cancelled.

What should I do if my easy card stops working?

Take your card and ticket to the customer service centre where we will check it and, if necessary, replacement will be done at a fee.

If you do not use your easy card for more than 6 months it will be cancelled.

How much will I pay to travel with an easy card?

You will pay exactly the same fare as you do now, except that you don’t have to worry about having the right money to travel as it is already stored on your easy card – so you are ready to go!

In the future we plan to make special offers

Available to easy card holders.

What should I do if I lose my easy card?

It’s not a problem, but you must alert our customer services team immediately.


Email: info@pioneereasybus.com

If you have provided us with your personal details, they will be checked to confirm that you are the registered owner of the card.

We will then cancel your existing card and issue a new one. This can either be posted to you or collected from the customer service centre the next working day. Any remaining cash balance and travel days left on your old card will be transferred to the new one.

You will be charged for the replacement of your card.

See terms and conditions on pages 10-11 for full details.

What should I do if my easy card gets damaged?

Just return it to our customer service centre for a replacement card. Your new card will be issued as above.

Any remaining cash balance and travel days left on your old card will be transferred to the new one.

You will be charged for your first replacement card. See terms and conditions on pages 10-11 for full details.

If you have not provided us with security details we will still cancel the card, but won’t be able to transfer the remaining cash balance, or any remaining travel days to a new card without photographic identification.

We do therefore encourage customers to provide the
Requested security information (date of birth and mother’s maiden name) to avoid disappointment.

What will happen if you forgot to tap-out?

The transaction where you did not tap-out is recorded in the card and terminal and you will be charged the maximum fare for the ride on your next tap-in.

Once an easy card has been cancelled it cannot be reactivated.

Need to know more?

Just call into our customer service centre in bugolobi, where our assistants will be happy to explain anything else you need to know about easy card and help you with any inquiry about easy card.

Or phone us on 0776900754

Terms and conditions

About these terms & conditions

The below terms and conditions apply to the issue and use of the easy card. Please read these terms carefully to ensure you understand them. Please note that pioneer easy Bus may amend these terms and conditions from time to time at its discretion. Any amendments to these terms and conditions will be posted on our website www.pioneereasybus.com

Who are we?

We are Pioneer easy bus, offering the easy card. Our registered office is at Luthuli avenue, Mpangaclose,Bugolobi. P.O Box 2121, Kampala – Uganda.

About easy card

The easy card is a pre-payment card issued by pioneer easy Bus for travel on all our pioneer Bus services. The card can be used in two ways; I as an “electronic purse” allowing you to credit your card for future travel

By applying for an easy card from pioneer easy Bus you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, and you hereby agree to adhere to pioneer easy card Bus’ Terms and Conditions of Carriage (available to view at our Customer Service Centre) whenever you travel with pioneer easy bus. Anyone capable of travelling independently who is over the age of 6 and under the age of 60 (an alternative concessionary card is available for individuals over 60) is eligible to apply for an easy card.

You must notify Easy card Bus in writing or by email of any change to your name, address, email or Contact telephone number which you provided on the easy card application Form. Failure to notify pioneer easy bus of any change in the aforementioned personal details could result in easy Bus being unable
To return your card to you if it is lost or stolen, or return any outstanding credit owed to you if your card is unused for more than one year in accordance with provision 7b below.

Easy Bus may at its sole discretion withdraw any easy card which we believe has been tampered
With, is being misused or which has become electronically or visually unreadable.

If we choose to withdraw your card for any reason in accordance with provision 3h above, we will
Notify you and either transfer your remaining balance to your new card, or alternatively provide
You with a refund of the amount equivalent to your remaining balance where you request this
Within 28 days of notification. Failure to request a refund of your remaining credit from pioneer easy bus Within 28 days of your card being withdrawn will result in pioneer easy bus issuing you automatically With a new card, which will be credited with the remaining balance from your withdrawn card and sent To the address which we hold for you.

Using your easycard

You must have your card available for inspection by a pioneer easy Bus company official at any time
When travelling with pioneer easy bus.

You may only pay for pioneer easy bus services with your easy card if it is present on you at the time of travel. Even if you have sufficient credit on your card for your planned journey, if you do not have Your card present with you when you travel with pioneer easy bus you will have to pay for your travel Separately notwithstanding the available credit on your card.

If at any time you have negative credit on your easy card as a result of using your card, you hereby agree to top up your card within 28 day of entering negative credit. Pioneer easy bus reserves the right to demand repayment of any negative sums outstanding on your card at any time.

When boarding the bus, the card must be placed on the validator to initiate a transaction.

Your easy card cannot be used in partial payment with cash for any journey.

Topping up your easy card

You can top up your card at any pioneer easy bus service centre by an attendant.

Service Centre in Wood Street (full address below).

Top up can be made in units of 5000shs, 2500shs and 1000. The maximum balance that can be present on a card used as an “electronic Purse” at any given time is unlimited.

Lost, damaged or stolen easy cards.

If your card is lost, stolen or damaged you must notify our Customer Service Centre immediately

(Contact details below), quoting the security details provided in your application. If you have not
Provided security details you will need to call into our Customer Service Centre, and provide proof of
Identity (passport, driving license or other photographic identification). Once we have confirmed to our Satisfaction that you are the registered owner of the card, it will be cancelled on our system. We will then issue you with a new card which can either be posted to you or collected from the Customer
Service Centre the next working day.

Your liability for any fares charged if the missing or stolen card is used will cease from midnight on the day you report to us that the card is lost or stolen.

Subject to 6(b) above, any remaining balance or travel days will be transferred to your new card. We may at Our discretion charge you an administration fee of no more than …………..for replacing your card. In some circumstances

This may result in no transfer being given where your outstanding credit is equal to or less than ………….

Unused easycards

If you no longer require an easy card, any funds you have credited to your card may be refunded by

Returning your card to the Customer Service Centre and requesting a refund. To protect you from

Theft/fraud we will require proof of your identity (passport, driving license or other photographic
Identification) in order to process the refund.

If you have not used your easy card for one year or more, we will automatically cancel your card. We will notify you approximately one month prior to cancellation that your card will be cancelled due to non-use. Unless you contact pioneer easy bus to obtain a refund of any remaining credit within 28 days of Receiving notification by us that your card will be cancelled, any remaining credit on your card will be unrecoverable by you.

If you have failed to update us with your new address in accordance with provision 3(g) above, we accept no Liability which may ensue as a result of you not being informed your card will be cancelled and your credit lost.

Our liability to you

To the extent permitted by law, pioneer Bus’ liability to you is limited to the value of credit on your easy card at any given time.

Pioneer easy Bus shall not be liable to you in any way if your easy card fails to reach the registered holder by post.

Pioneer easy Bus shall not be liable to you for any consequential losses or damage arising from a failing of Your easy card or the smartcard system.

Pioneer easy Bus shall not be liable to you for any losses you may incur as a result of you failing to notify us of a change in your personal details, including where your card is cancelled by us for any reason.

Where you have purchased any credit using your easy card, Pioneer easy Bus shall have no liability to you if you cannot use your ticket due to our services not being run for any reason.

Data protection & personal information

For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998 (the Act), we act as a data controller. We hereby agree To process your data in accordance with the Act, and will use your data for the following purposes:

i) to provide you with the service you applied for, and for the ongoing administration of the service;

ii) to allow us to improve products and services we offer to our customers;

iii) for research and statistical analysis including travel patterns;

iv) to enable us to conduct surveys;

v) for the prevention and detection of crime and fare evasion;

vito enable us to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations;

vi) to ensure that we follow your instructions correctly and to improve our customer service, we may
Monitor and/or record any communication between you and us.

We may use your information for marketing purposes in the following circumstances:

i) to let you know about other related products or services;

ii) to send you offers on behalf of selected third parties which we believe to be appropriate.

We may contact you for the above purposes by post, email, telephone or text messaging to SMS

Enabled devices depending on the information you have provided to us.

If you do not wish to receive such information you may choose not to do so by telephoning, writing or
Emailing us at the addresses below. If you wish to receive information now but change your mind later,

You can contact us via the same way at any time.

We will only disclose your information to other parties in the following limited circumstances:

i) when we are legally obliged to do so, e.g. to law enforcement and regulatory authorities;

ii) when there is a duty to disclose in the public interest;

iii) where disclosure is necessary to protect our interest, e.g. to prevent or detect crime or fare evasion;

iv) where you give us permission to do so.

We will retain your information for the time that you have an Easy card registered in your name in order

To comply with terms and conditions herein.

Other general conditions of acceptance.

The company reserves the right at their discretion to suspend easy card use on any day, week, or month or to increase or decrease the fares without notice as circumstances arise.

The company reserves the right at their discretion to reject ,even after acceptance for issue of easy card, any information deemed by the company to be untruthful or objectionable in subject matter or unsuitable for any reason. The customer hereby undertakes that he/she shall at all times hereafter will and sufficiently indemnify the company and keep the company indemnified against all liability in respect thereof and against all actions, suits, proceedings,losses,claims,demands,costs and expenses whatsoever which may be taken or made against the company or incurred or become payable by the company in respect there of.

The customer hereby undertakes to indemnify the company and keep the company indemnified against all liability in respect thereof and against all actions, suits, proceedings, losses, claims, demands, costs and expenses whatsoever which may be taken or made against the publisher or incurred or become payable by the company on respect of the easy card.

Should any aggrieving party sue the company, the company shall issue 3rd party proceedings against the customer on the basis of this indemnity and the customer hereby agrees to be bound by any decree that may be passed against the company and to make good the said decree and all attendant costs involved in such proceedings or incident there to.

The onus is on all customers to comply with all existing laws and regulations.

This information is subject to the Conditions of Carriage of easy card City Transport Services Ltd.

For any queries regarding our terms and conditions, contact our Customer Service team at:

Bugolobi, Luthuli Avenue, Mpanga Close, Bugolobi.

029 2066 6444 talktous@cardTugendebus.com

Customer service centre

Bugolobi Luthuli Avenue, Mpanga Close, Bugolobi.

Mon to Fri 8.00am – 5.00pm

Sat 9.00am – 4.30pm

phone or email


Website: www.pioneereasybus.com.