Bus Rental Services

Pioneer Easy Bus provides bus rental services that span various packages. Our buses can be hired on an hourly
or daily basis. Our buses are very spacious with a single bus having a seating capacity of 30 and a provision
for an additional standing capacity of 30, totaling to 60 passengers. Every bus has handles attached to bars
on which the standing passengers can hold onto.


Pioneer Easy Bus issues colourful tickets to each passenger who boards the bus. This ticket is issued to the
passenger at entry by a smartly dressed uniformed driver, and the denomination on the ticket indicates the
amount paid for by the passenger for the distance to be traveled.

Advertise With Us

Stay ahead of your competition by advertising on our buses. With our buses being moving billboards, they are
seen on a daily basis by millions of people in and around Kampala. Tap into this opportunity to cheaply
broadcast your business to millions of potential customers.


Pioneer Easy Bus currently operates on 4 routes in and around Kampala. We pride ourselves in safely and timely
transporting our passengers to their destinations. The comfort our buses provides is memorable.